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SportyPal Pro Demo

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Let us tell the story...
SportyPal Pro brings a brand new experience to users.
Get the maximum from a GPS application.
New level of excitement and pleasure in the mobile applications.

We listen to all of our loyal users, and our intention is to satisfy their needs and suggestions and to bring SportyPal to a brand new level. A level that will allow everyone to get both professional and basic functionalities for a better experience.
With the red color of PRO we want to notify everyone that this is something new, innovative and never seen before in the mobile application world.

We are bringing all the pleasure of exercising in one place, not only to runners/cyclists but also to those who enjoy indoor exercising.
Let's start
Here is the new look of SportyPal Pro - Remaining in our blue world, with new scrolling menu. Selecting the type of workout now takes only a flick of the finger.

  • We're keeping it simple. Pressing the “START” button will begin a new workout - a true one-click-application approach.
  • One of our brand new functionalities is the option to monitor your heart rate.
  • Now you can decide what you want to see on the display. You can configure the view of the screen by yourself, whether you want to show only the speed, time, heart rate, pace, distance... Or you can simply use the screen as-is without changing anything - its up to you.
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