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You’ve got your rough & tough phone and like to take it for a ride?
The all new Xperia active handlebar holder is all you need.

Custom built for the Xperia active
In-app support for SportyPal PRO
Protects the camera, yet the LED flash is available

Available in black
from the SportyPal.com Store

- Install the rubber pads on the support racks
 - Place the holder on the handlebar to the desired angle
  - Take the zip ties, pull them through the support racks
     and tighten them firmly


- Start SportyPal PRO/Log in or register
  - Long press the icon for cycling, mtb or road cycling
   - An orange rectangle will appear
     - Align the holder to the rectangle

* What’s in the box? Bike handlebar holder for Sony Ericsson Xperia active, 4 zip ties, 2 rubber pads


1. Can I mount the Xperia active bike holder on the stem of the bike?

Yes. The phone will be in landscape mode, but SportyPal PRO is designed to support it, too. We have tested different stem diameters, and it fits perfectly. To start landscape mode in SportyPal PRO, you need to press the icon for the landscape mode.

2. Why did you cover the camera of the phone?

We tested several designs and decided that it is the best to keep the camera protected, while “sacrificing” the ability to record videos and take pictures. Those features will not be useful because when the holder is mounted, the camera of the phone will be pointed towards the ground and the front wheel. Such angle combined with the vibrations from the terrain will result in blurry and mostly unusable video. Trust us, we’ve tried.

3. How long will the battery last?

That depends on the battery and usage (Display on, Bluetooth™ on, Listening to music etc.
We’ve had rides longer than 4 hours.

4. Can I use the built in barometer of the Xperia active with SportyPal PRO?

Yes. Go to settings, and choose altitude settings. Then, choose use barometer, and the recommended setting for determining the initial altitude. After that, you’re ready to go.

5. Do you support Bluetooth™ and/or ANT+ sensors?

Yes. We support Bluetooth™ and ANT+ heart rate monitors. We collect, record and display with graphs and pie charts, heart rate related data both in-app and on the sportypal.com website. We support cadence, speed, speed and cadence and stride ANT+ sensors. At the moment, we display and record the data from the sensors in app only, although in the future we will add the feature for analysis of these data on the sportypal.com website, too.